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Gabion basket for retaining walls

For residential or commercial use

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Gabion basket for fireplaces

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Gabion basket for casual seating

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Gabion basket for feature walls

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Gabion basket for vertical gardens

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Galvanised gabions

used to combat a very steep sea side block


Gabion baskets have been a hidden landscaping secret for many years, and they are finally being put to use for a myriad of residential and commercial applications – their uses are only limited by your imagination! We have seen them used for retaining walls, casual seating, vertical gardens, vegie patches, fireplaces, feature walls and more!

As premium gabion basket suppliers, Yarrabee & Castlemaine understands that they offer many advantages:

  • They have an aesthetically pleasing appearance that will suit the surrounding environment thanks to the stone used to fill them;
  • Gabion baskets for sale offer a permeable construction that is not susceptible to frost and water damage;
  • They offer longevity, ensuring that the projects you have used the baskets in will withstand the tests of time and weathering; and
  • Gabion cages for sale offer maximum flexibility and strength, allowing them to be used to meet various applications.

We have a number of gabion basket sizes to choose from, enabling you to find the perfect one for your intended application.

Available in a range of standard sizes.

The great thing about these baskets is that you can put them together yourself! We provide you with the steel sides, top and bottom (if required) with matching “noodle” joiners, so all you need to do is put them together (please see our video for a simple tutorial). Once they’re in place, all you need to do is fill the baskets with stone and you’re finished!

Why purchase Gabion Baskets from Yarrabee & Castlemaine?
  • Selection of 5mm steel wire gives you over 20% more strength than the standard 4mm wire
  • 50mm x 50mm size mesh again gives more than 20% more steel than standard 50mm x 75mm mesh commonly offered
  • Both of these resulting in stronger and potentially longer lasting gabion baskets in Melbourne
  • Standard sizes of 500mm high baskets have been selected to allow customers to be able to place stone or rocks without having to climb in and work under difficult circumstances
  • Our use of joiners or spirals allows anyone to construct the baskets, along with being approximately 25kg per basket (unfilled) they are not difficult to handle into position
  • Spiral joining results in far superior bonding of baskets to each other as against clipping each basket
  • Baskets come in a flat pack format so can be easily transported
  • Castlemaine stone can be purchased in a “Bulka Bag”, which can be easily loaded onto a trailer or such like – this often allows for easier access to the stone
  • A 15% discount on Castlemaine Gabion stone when purchased in conjunction with our baskets
Tutorial-putting the baskets together